Shuber & Krol, London


Made-to-Measure Tailoring

Shuber & Krol is a high-end family run made-to-measure menswear company, based in the heart of London.

Since 2005

Our passion

We have been making suits and shirts for the modern gentleman since 2005, with a passion for tailoring and a commitment to our customer satisfaction, our clients can expect at all times nothing but 100% professional service with transparent prices.

Our mission is to create a garment that is distinctive to you as your fingerprint. Every Shuber & Krol suit is the creative culmination of over a decade of experience.

Made to Measure


A Made to measure suit is a garment that is made from a pre-existing pattern, the garments are half way between bespoke and ready-to-wear, and for a perfect fit the pre-existing pattern is altered to correspond to the clients measurements.

All our suits are fully canvassed, not fused, with fused suits the lining is applied by heat with this process the jacket lacks structure and could also develop bubbling and shrinking of the shoulders. A fully canvassed jacket is made with the same process followed when making a bespoke suit. Jackets are structured, Lapels are padded and sleeves are pitched to give the garments a superior and longer lasting finish.